Shaolin Temple secular monk with Master qualification, trainer, strategist, speaker and author.
Walter has also completed a double major university degree (Economics and Philosophy) and journeyed through very unique life experiences, as a professional athlete in martial arts during his teens, then working at a very young age in management consulting and subsequently as CEO of a listed company, eventually dedicating himself to coaching thousands of individuals and many companies in over thirty countries by utilising his unique eastern and western cultural and professional experiences.

He has been called by leading organisations and media a "cultural acrobat", "monk of strategy", "the master of effectiveness" and "the wellness master".
1. What is your role at Palta?
My primary role is to advise Palta companies and projects teams on topics relating to mindfulness, well-being, wellness and fitness, as well as to give philosophy-based strategy inputs and mindfulness-based user behavior suggestions. I do so by trying to bridge the perceived gaps between wisdom, philosophy, business and technology. I have a reasonable understanding of these apparently distant worlds and thus look for the opportunities which can come from combining them in a mindful and synergistic way.

2. Is there a special company culture in Palta? How would you describe it?
Palta has a culture which is founded on strong human values, values which I believe are the fundamental determinant of human performance and effectiveness, in any field of life. In Palta values like respect, passion, courage, enthusiasm, empathy, balance and many more, are viewed just as importantly as experience, knowhow, business acumen or technical skills. I think this culture of values is a kind of "superpower" of Palta, which makes people uniquely creative and effective. The other special cultural characteristic is a very clear focus on the core of what is being created, which can be summarised with a simple Shaolin rule: master the basics.

3. What is your ultimate advice to founders?
My ultimate advice to founders is to always focus on how they can add real value to people's lives. Palta's mission is to create an ecosystem of companies, products and services focused on improving people's health, wellness and well-being. Therefore, let's think how we can really deliver a true enhancement of health, wellness and well-being for the user, every day, in an engaging, innovative and concrete way. If we can consistently do that for millions of people around the world, then all the other tasks, developments and objectives become in a way just inevitabilities.

4. How is the shaolin philosophy related to startups and venture building?
Shaolin philosophy has three important elements: mindfulness, wellness, effectiveness. I think those three words already define clearly how it fits in the Palta model and actually in most dynamic human contexts. Mindfulness: how we can be more clearly aware of ourselves, others, experiences and situations. Wellness: what can we do to improve the health and well-being of an individual, beginning with ourselves. Effectiveness: which practical behaviors can optimise the way we live and what we do, thus who we are. Let's not forget that although we wish to help millions of people, our companies are also created by people. The people of Palta need to be the first to embrace mindfulness, wellness and effectiveness for their own life journeys, because to truly be able to share something of value with millions of people around the world we must practice what we preach.

5. What or who is guiding you throughout your life journey?
Well, perhaps there is my karma, destiny, purpose or whatever name we wish to use, as well as other people of course, many people in fact. There are some particularly influential people like my parents, my Master and brothers in Shaolin monastery, my friends and colleagues at Palta, but ultimately many people you meet - if you maintain what in Shaolin we call a beginner mind - can be teachers and offer some profound ideas. Also, the millions of people who use and trust Palta products and services every day, inspire me constantly to do the very best to improve my contribution, so I can give more to everyone who is impacted - both directly and indirectly - by my work at Palta. For me that is a great honor and responsibility.
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