Board Member

Independent Investor, ex-Goldman, ex-Vitruvian


A seasoned growth investor who spent 14 years at Goldman Sachs Investment Partners and, subsequently, Vitruvian Partners, one of Europe's largest growth-stage private equity funds. She's been instrumental in helping well-known scale-ups, including Mobileye, WalkMe and Global-e, with their listings on the NASDAQ and NYSE.

She also has a double degree in International Studies and Economics from The University of Chicago and an MBA from INSEAD.
  1. What is your focus at Palta?
I am an independent director, not appointed by someone or representing investors or founders. My role here is to bring an impartial view to the board, share my experience and contribute to building a company and making it bigger.

2. What do you like the most about your profession?

I like variety, and within my profession, you get to see completely different businesses every day. Different founders, problems they face, different cultures — you see the world changing before your eyes. You also know where the future is moving and what's becoming essential for today's consumers. That's incredible!

3. What's the thing you enjoy about Palta?

I am an investor myself, and Palta is the type of company I would like to invest in, and I did. I heard the story and looked at how the community evolves, grows, and delivers the ideas they believe in. They are about changing how we manage our life, health and wellness, introducing more science and knowledge and eliminating beliefs from the past. They try to do something easy to use, so it becomes our life companion, handholding us through life. So we can live the life we actually want to live. That's what Palta is building, and that's a great vision to come true.

4. What do you like to do beyond working?

I travel. I travel everywhere — to the most exotic places from Guatemala to Vietnam or Cambodia — those are my favourite places. It has to be far away, exotic, with different food and people. I find it interesting to leaive behind your daily life and transport yourself into a completely new reality. It's a really changing experience.

5. Your ultimate advice to founders.

It's very hard, as everyone faces different challenges, but I would say I have even two :)

First of all — pay attention to growing your people. It's a question of culture and, what's even more critical, of loyalty. Grow your people, so they want to stick around you and help you grow bigger. And the second — just focus on the several things that matter in life and delegate all the others. Focus on the big picture and let all the other decisions be made by the people you trust. You don't need to be involved in everything.

Areas of focus