Chief People Officer

Marianne Spaans

Experienced in high-profile organisations and start-ups/scale-ups in SAAS — FinTech, MarTech and MediTech. Specialises in organisational transformation, high growth and development whilst retaining the best of the existing culture.
  1. What is your focus at Palta?

The leadership of everything to do with people. My role here is to ensure that Palta has that growth culture that could provide the best opportunities to people. I am the business partner who looks at the strategy and sees what can be done better around HR, Office Management, Learning and Development and Talent Acquisition to contribute to Palta's development and to move Palta toward its mission.

2. What do you like the most about your job?

What I like most about it is growth on both sides — people and the organisation where these people work. It's proven many times by Oxford, Stanford, and others that creating the best environment for your people drives the growth of your organisation.

3. What did you like most about Palta?

Palta's mission attracts me the most – it's a technology company empowering billions of health-aware people to live a healthier and happier life. And that's a combination of two that makes me ideal for Palta in this role — I'm someone who is about scaling in tech and also with a medical background. I have a CV which is all about growth and transformation in tech, but I also have experience in public and private health. That's a perfect fit for me, actually.

4. What do you like to do beyond working?

I walk a lot, and once I walked 270 kilometres in 9 days with a backpack and a good friend. I love nature and birdwatching, and honestly, I always wanted to be like Jacques Cousteau — I dive, I snorkel, I recognise a whale or dolphin by just seeing its fin. And I am a mom on top of that — I have two sons.

5. What is your ultimate advice to founders?

Even if you are too small for an HR Team, please make sure you have a framework to manage your people and their ambitions. The success of your people is ultimately the success of your business.

And start from the very beginning with communication about where you are going and what your expectations are to the team.
Areas of focus