Chief Growth Officer

Ketty Slonimsky

A seasoned growth leader with more than 15 years of building and scaling products in startups. I'm passionate about growth, innovation and solving tough business problems.
  1. What is your focus at Palta?

I own the growth of Palta, meaning the growth of all portfolio companies (currently 9, from junior ones to more mature as Flo Health). I'm building the centralized growth function at Palta from the ground up. We represent the "center of excellence" for our portfolio companies, working with them on various streams: User acquisition, product-led growth, CRM and Engagement. We are diving into start-up challenges, identifying their pains and gains, and improving the strategy and action plans, so they can scale faster and grow more efficiently.

2. What do you like the most about your job?

Probably, I have one of the unique roles in the industry - it's like having nine jobs simultaneously :) The diversity of the challenges, business, and growth models feels like you have nine different lives to live.

I most enjoy working at a pace with lots going on. I shift focus quickly and absolutely love it.

3. What's the thing you enjoy about Palta?

Palta stands for health and wellbeing. We are helping millions of people around the world to live better lives. This is a big mission. I'm proud to contribute to such a meaningful purpose.

4. What do you like to do beyond working?

I'm a freak of constant learning, self-education, and pushing my boundaries. I train seven days a week to keep my mind sharp. And of course, spending quality time with my family :)

5. Your ultimate advice to founders.

Your team is vitally important.

Look for self-starters, resourceful and adaptable minds with a passion for making an impact and a bias to action.
Steve Jobs used to say «A players attract A players. B players attract C players.»

Be smart, move fast, and pivot quickly. Self-reflect, you'll miss opportunities without it.
Areas of focus