Jelena leads Analytics and Data Strategy at Palta. Her focus is ensuring consistency and trustworthiness of group level business metrics as a means of making strategic decisions by board members and investors, helping grow and up-scale analytics function at various stage Palta startups, and nurturing group level analytics community through success stories, best practices and shared expertise.
Jelena's background is in Software Engineering and Mathematics. Having spent time in academia and obtained a PhD degree (from Télécom ParisTech, in Applied Security), she moved into consumer apps analytics and spent years working in data-heavy world-scale online dating space (Bumble, Badoo). Her expertise lies in building and scaling Product analytics teams and Experimentation culture in a fast-paced environment, and feeding it with well structured data taxonomies as a backbone.
1. How did you know about the open position?

I heard about Palta from my colleagues. As for me, the absence of monotony is an important criterion. That's why I got interested in the company. I made the decision to work here as I was intrigued by the multi-business model.

2. What responsibilities does the Head of analytics in Palta have?

Palta doesn't run any specific business, so we can't analyze it. We can create some standards between companies in order to do high-level analytics: how companies work and how good our data quality is. Our priority is to measure the performance of this business with standard metrics and see a general picture. To add, we have expertise on how to build analytical platforms and analytical best practices. When a startup is small enough, it is difficult for the team to have such expertise. The main value is that we can analyze the current situation, help formulate requirements, understand what needs to be done next and how to build processes in the future.

In fact, our team is young, and it's developing. It is quite easy to start projects in one companies and transfer experience to other companies. In this way, we are improving the practice in all companies.

3. What qualities should a person have to cope with such a large flow of information and data?

It is very important to pay attention to details. Working with data implies that it's almost never perfect. If a person isn't pedantic, then the results will be approximate. It can lead to a loss of trust. Therefore you should always pay attention to the small things and double-check. The second important thing is communication. Metrics need to tell a story in order to use the data for insights that can help the business move forward.

4. What do you personally do for your health?

I try to eat healthy food, and I rarely use semi-finished products. For me, the process of cooking is a kind of meditation. I also try to do sports (yoga or running/cycling). And I plan to start using Simple :)

5. Working at the office or working from home?

I think office work. The power of the office is that you get a boost of energy. You come, communicate, work.

Areas of focus
Data Strategy