Vice President of Payments


Gianluca is an experienced head of billing and payments who spent the last seven years helping global services like Badoo and Bumble build and run safe, easy-performing and secure payments ecosystems.
  1. What is your focus at Palta?

I recently joined Palta as VP of Payments. Our vision is to work with the team to build a safe, cost-effective and scalable payment solution that will empower all customers to pay for our Premium services using their preferred payment method.

2. How did you come to join the Palta team?

There are so many reasons! A key one is a passion and great knowledge of the people I met before joining the company. Another critical factor is the importance of mental and physical health which has never been much of a topic for discussion in the past decade. Only in recent times we have come to understand how much it affects our daily life. Digital health is a vibrant industry and Palta is effectively contributing to helping people improve their life quality. Last but not least I work for Palta, but I am building strong connections with all the startups of the Palta family so there is a lot of learning from different angles and a lot of contributions to be made.

3. What do you like the most about your profession?

When I start tackling a problem or planning to start a new initiative I always start by answering a simple question: why. That answer triggers what I call motivation. My role is also to transform that motivation into inspiration for myself and the people working with me. I try to do that by creating an exciting vision that adds value, keeping the focus on the bigger picture, creating and executing the plan on how we get there. Personally, I really enjoy this process.

Another reason why I like working in Payments is because of how central we are as an area in every B2C business. I regularly collaborate with all the different functions of the business: Legal, Product, Analytics, Marketing, Finance, Operations and so on. That means every day has different challenges and I really enjoy that.

4. How you connect with others while working from home?

Go to workations! I like working from home, so I don't need to spend my time just going to the office and then home. Hence, it gives me a couple of extra hours to make more breaks throughout the day to keep my mind bright and clear and the working day balanced. So the regular online calls and meeting each other on workations help connect and achieve nice team spirit.

5. What does your regular day look like?

I wake up kind of early, and I'm very productive in the first hour of waking up — I answer emails, plan my day, and finish the tasks I didn't complete the day earlier. The next step is one hour of walking with my small cavapoo dog — it is really good for my brain because it's the time when I actually wake up. It helps me to detach and to start my working day fresh. Then I turn to all of my tasks — I might be reviewing contracts, having calls with my engineers, preparing a deck for shareholders or thinking about some plans for the future. It changes from day to day. And finally I finish and walk with my dog again, so as you see, my life runs around the dog :)

Areas of focus