Board Director

Bao-Y Van Cong

Joined the team to help shape a strategy and branding and to guide Palta's positioning.
Investment Director at Target Global. Highly experienced in investments and advising, Bao-Y is widely recognized and can be found on lists of the 50 most influential women in the German Tech Industry and Forbes's 8 Female Venture Capital Investors To Watch.
1. What is your role at Palta?

To do so everyone understands what Palta is. Is it a platform or not, what kind of platform, and to whom? How could it be helpful, and how does it work.

2. What do you like the most about your profession?

There are always so many challenges that many new companies address, which makes it really exciting for me. I really like empowering the entrepreneurs on their journeys, and I challenge them and might show them a new perspective. And I can do that because I've been working with many companies and have spoken to many companies. While they have a very vertical view of what kind of company they are and where they work, we, investors, have a much more horizontal view — we can say what else is happening around and what works really well or not, as we have seen it for others.

3. Why did you choose Palta?

Palta chose me, in fact. I'm the C-level of Target Global, who are investing partners of Palta, but I suppose I'm here for more personal reasons. Both my mom and dad work in healthcare, and I genuinely believe that healthcare professionals improve our lives. As an investor, you put your time, money, and efforts to solve big problems, and I think that what Palta is doing and that's what I am passionate about.

What's the least apparent fact about you?

The least obvious and not secret is that I'm German, actually. I don't look German, I don't sound German, but I am, and my personality in many ways, is quite German as well :)

What do you like to do beyond working?

I am a huge wildlife enthusiast. I am really passionate about observing wildlife in its natural habitat. I like to go on adventurous trips, tracking or a big safari and experiencing nature. That also works even when walking around — we have a lot to observe anywhere we are. I think we take ourselves so seriously, but we are just a player in this huge natural ecosystem at the end of the day.
Areas of focus