Medical Advisor

Andrew Beloveshkin

Andrew is a Medical Advisor at Palta. He moves the medical expertise in working with patients into an app. He has a PhD in Medical Sciences and is also a Bestselling Author and TEDx Speaker, a University Lecturer and Entrepreneur.

Andrew graduated from the Belarusian State Medical University. Now he blogs, has published two books and teaches online courses on the basics of nutrition, stress, posture and dopamine.
  1. What is your role at Palta?

I am a doctor who deals primarily with health and lifestyle diseases. Of course, no pill can cure such diseases (for example, a pill for obesity or something similar); you need to change your lifestyle. This is a rather complicated formulation; medicine usually doesn't do that, so people need good permanent tools to move toward lifestyle change. My role is to move the medical expertise in working with patients into an app that, like a doctor or a friend, will support and help the person.

2. What prompted you to join Palta? What influenced your decision?

I've been collaborating for quite a long time, doing project work. There are a lot of interesting teams and tasks here at the moment, so I will regularly provide medical support to these teams. By the way, I've been a part of Palta for literally a month.

Palta is the most extensive application of my skills and abilities. I have online courses and books, but not everyone has the time and energy to take a video course or read a book, and the app is the very opportunity that allows you to implement knowledge and influence a person's lifestyle. I see this as a great prospect.

I most enjoy working at a pace with lots going on. I shift focus quickly and absolutely love it.

3. How do you help portfolio companies?

Each company has specific tasks and questions on the medical side, for example:

- What medical indicators are valid.0
- How to talk to a person.
- What can and cannot be advised.

We need to make the app communicate with the patient like a doctor.

4. You are listed on the website as a doctor, a PhD, and a writer. Your new book was published last year; tell us about it.

This book is an encyclopedia of health. A guide for those who want a systematic approach to improving their health. A short answer to the "what to do and where to run?" questions.

5. What inspired you to create a blog on the site, and are there any specific directions for the blog?

The site is a reflection of current tasks and ideas. I started blogging so that nothing would disappear from my memory. This way, all the information stays organized. As for directions, I try to write extensively because everything in our body is interconnected.
Areas of focus