Andrei leads strategic product management at Palta. He is also a co-founder and CEO at Melsoft Games. Before that, he built and led Wargaming's global publishing team as a Vice President, worked as General Manager at Nival Network, and held the post of CTO at Intetics Co. where he facilitated the establishment of international quality (ISO9001) and security (ISO27001) standards.
Andrei holds a degree in Biophysics from the Belarusian State University. He is also a graduate of the Stanford Executive Program and LCOR, also from Stanford, as well as the Organizational Leadership Program at INSEAD Business School.
1. What is your role at Palta?
First of all, I share my experience in product and project management. Throughout my career, I have gained knowledge in building and growing software companies with different services and products. Everything I learned in the past companies we now apply at Palta.

Also I discuss stories and case studies from my experience with co-founders. And I help companies to broaden their vision and build strong networks of experts. After all, the right person can be just a few handshakes away.

2. Why is it important for companies to have a strategic vision?
The main purpose is to motivate your teams. Everyone needs to understand the mission of the company and everyone should know the purpose of their work. It is equally important that people understand what the company is not doing, so you remain on the same page and avoid wasting time and energy.

3. What is the secret to building a kick-ass team?
In my experience, there are three important stages to forming a kick-ass team.

Selection. If you have doubts about a candidate, it is better not to hire.

Bonding. People need time to open up, feel comfortable with each other, and start to perform.

Motivation. There will be times when a team faces a moment of truth - whether misunderstandings, conflicts of opinion or a divergence in the vision. At these times it is important to have people with the ability to mediate, to inspire, and to bring everyone back onto the same page.

Everyone needs to understand that to become successful, you need to make your teammates successful too. This does not mean doing somebody else's work for them, but supporting them and showing that you care.

4. What is your ultimate advice to founders?
A number of popular expressions reflect my experience and will be perfect here. "No pain, no gain" and "Dum spiro spero" both spring to mind. But I would go with "What stands in the way becomes the way." If obstacles appear, make them part of your journey, and learn how to make circumstances work for you.

5. Do you play games and which is your favourite one?
Obviously, I play a lot of mobile games for work but for leisure I usually choose console games. My top 3 game franchises are Fallout, Witcher and Assassin's Creed.
Areas of focus
Product Expertise & Development
Building Teams
Problem Solving