Wellness trends of 2022. Mckinsey overview

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COVID-19 boosted interest in wellness and health, so more consumers are thinking about the importance of taking care of their wellbeing and health.

As a result, businesses aspire to satisfy new demands with innovative solutions. Let's see how Palta products match the trends.
Current predictions from McKinsey suppose the future of wellness to be tech-heavy, personalised, interconnected and focused on the following categories:
As Mckinsey associate partner Anna Pione says, the tomorrow of wellness will see how consumers take their health into their own hands. She also believes devices and technology from the doctor's office could be used at home in the future.

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The future of fitness will include increasing technology to help people track their fitness progress according to predictions. team totally agrees!
Consumer habits and relationships with food are changing as more people become more aware of our diets impacting our short-term and long-term health. So the increase in sustainable eating might be the major trend from now on.

Simple is on its way to help.
Emma Spagnuolo, a partner in McKinsey's New Jersey office — believes beauty retailers will expand their offerings to meet new demands. Procedures like injectable services or clinical treatments might become more common and easier to access.

Skincare is ready to take you through the first steps.
According to Scott Hayton, sleep technology will continue to be a hot wellness trend, associate McKinsey partner in Toronto. In his opinion, future innovation in this field could lead to sleep performance data being used to optimise our routines or daily capabilities, such as diet and exercise.
"I believe that mindfulness will become an essential aspect of how we live our lives," says Manish Chopra, senior partner in McKinsey's New York office. He waits that by 2030, mindfulness will be deeply ingrained into people's routines via wearables and tech, allowing meditation sessions throughout the day right there when needed.

McKinsey analysts also reminded wellness businesses that to keep up in the next generation of the wellness market and make lasting change, they need to nail down their e-commerce and marketing strategies, pursue data partnerships, reinvigorate the shopping experience, update their value propositions and consider consumers as a whole person.

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