Palta team came together in a Tech Meetup

Image credits: Palta
Not so long ago, we hosted Palta Tech Meetup - an internal event, where people from Palta, Palta Brain, and our portfolio companies gathered to hang out and share the experiences and knowhows in the health tech sphere.
Both of two days started with a speech of our Medical Advisor – Andrei Beloveshkin. He made his reports on developing a healthy lifestyle and the latest trends in well-being. We were really pleased to hear that the healthy way of life is not so hard to achieve, but we need to get into new habits and be consistent – and our products are aimed to help with that.
Image credits: Palta
Most of the time then we spent sharing our experiences:

  • Alexei Shagraev from Skincare showed us some insights about building good teams.
  • Konstantin Grabar from Flo briefed us on how to perform the right experiments in the right way.
  • Artem Finskiy with Zing revealed their super-personalized workouts generation approaches.
  • Palta team steeped us into the Palta Brain processes, shared some ideas about data subjects rights, and ended up the meet with a motivation burst from Walter Gjergja, Head of Mindfulness at Palta.
Image credits: Palta
We also made networking not the extra but one of the main parts of our event! Special gaps between the lectures were made, and we gathered two hours before the first speech every morning to build new connections and discuss what was on the agenda. Lots of us met each other for the first time and started such an encouraging and supportive way together!
Image credits: Palta
It is a great pleasure to be a part of Palta's program, which aims to build a strong expert community. With professionals from 9 product companies solving similar tasks we meet offline and online to share our experiences, helping each other to develop and succeed.

Happily, Palta Tech Meetup was not the first nor the last. Join us next time anв share your thoughts! We're actively hiring engineers and analytics now - check our careers page. Stay tuned!

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