How to make our new year resolutions work

Maxim Volosenkov, CPO of Simple app, tells us how to change our habits gently and not quit halfway.
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Many of us create a list of new year resolutions with each new year. No more social media! Only healthy eating from now! But as often comes, next December we realize we didn't succeed. That makes us feel weak, disappointed and frustrated.
And the reason is not our personalities or weakness, in fact, but the way we push ourselves too much. Maxim Volosenkov, CPO of Simple app, is telling us how to change our habits gently and not to quit halfway in our new blog post.

Enjoy reading, and we hope this time you get a better new year resolutions experience :)
Don't try to change everything at the same time
It's not a good idea to try to eat healthily, wake up at 5 am, read a book every evening and go to the gym three times a week. Maybe also talk to your family more and finally take that cutting and sewing course. Such plans are to fail from the very beginning. You will get exhausted soon, and all of your motivation will be gone. Take a start with one habit. Trust me.
Understand why this new habit is essential for you
Try to answer the why question five times in a row to find out your inner motivation. Write your answers down, make several post-its and stick them somewhere at home. They will remind you why you started your way.
Take small steps
If you decide to try healthy eating, start with cooking a healthy breakfast and eating it mindfully. If you are about to try fasting, first try the 12:12 schedule. Notice how it feels and goes, and if everything is okay, try next-level options with a longer gap between the last and first meals.
Don't forget to praise and cherish yourself
Each step, each win, even the smallest one, is a move forward. Let yourself anything you want once a week, pamper yourself on that special day.
Be consistent
No doubt, you will have breakdowns. We all face difficulties sometimes – keep going. It would help if you came through the frustration, remember why you started the way and go further. Give yourself time and kindness to turn your efforts into a habit.
If possible, try to find a habit you already have and modify it
For example, try doing 30 pushups before you start watching your youtube every evening. And then do more pushups as you go further.
Use the apps to make your life easier
We have many applications created to help us with self-development and new habits. Our Simple app will help you dive into fasting and start feeling more energized, cheerful and happier, and lose a couple of kilograms. But all the recommendations above shouldn't be abandoned relying only on apps.
You will do it. And if not – you can always start from the beginning. Wish you the best of luck in the New Year!

CPO at Simple
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