WeatherWell helps millions of people understand how weather affects the way they feel and recommends how to mitigate these negative impacts.

Hundreds of millions of users experience a variety of health-related symptoms that are caused or affected by weather, but they don't realize the correlation.

Mobile and AI allow to easily bring together user input and weather observations, also find consistent patterns of weather affecting people's health which allows to create a daily-use product for millions of users.

N: We met with my former co-founder Oleg Sosna at Apalon. Then we both had left it to work on a different project, but the last year I proposed to set up a mobile apps company., and we started making several products. The top of the line was the product in the weather niche. To scale the company, we needed to raise investments.

At that time, Palta had a medical study on how weather affects health. Palta's team offered to focus on it. In case the vision of both teams coincided, we could work together. As a result, it turned out that we looked at many things in the same way and wanted to do the next big concept, focusing on people who care about their health.

WeatherWell is a weather product where people can check what the weather will be like and how it affects their health. The app will tell people about possible headaches or productivity levels. It is much easier for a person to plan their time and activities with such info. The monitoring system is based on medical board data, several studies, patterns described by doctors, as well as personalised prognosis and user reactions. A month ago, we released the first version. The app is available for downloads all around the world.

As for positioning, our main customers are people aged 45+ who depend on weather parameters. It includes apparent symptoms (arthritis, headaches, breathing problems) and lung problems (productivity, mood, and sleep). We make a product for people who care for their health and potentially know about such issues. They need a source of information on what may happen to them. Generally speaking, the weather affects every person on earth to varying degrees. Therefore, the application's perspective is much broader.

Palta's support is as versatile as possible. Apart from money and strategic expertise, the most valuable thing is the Palta ecosystem; any question can be answered because someone from a portfolio company has already done it. HR services help not only with finding people but also consults on how best to organise the team. Palta covers the legal aspects, from our interaction to complete operational budget management and advice from other projects. We've even had camps where the portfolio companies get together and share experiences. They do not take over the entire function, but there is always someone within the Palta ecosystem who can help with any task.

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Nikita Abrosimov, CEO