Founded in 2016 and headquartered in the UK, Palta is a global tech platform with established operations across the EU and the UK. With more than 600 employees in locations around the world including the UK, Lithuania, Poland and Cyprus, the Palta group of companies is focused on democratizing healthcare and wellness.

Following the start of the conflict in Ukraine, we immediately relocated all Palta employees from Russia and Belarus to our EU offices and closed all of our operations in Russia and Belarus. We have ensured that no access to our infrastructure and software is granted to anybody in Russia, Belarus, or any sanctioned territory and that no data stored by Palta is hosted within these territories.

Palta is taking steps beyond simply complying with all international sanctions and does not have any affiliations with affected persons, banks, state-owned entities, or governments. We actively screen all our vendors and third-party contractors for full compliance with sanction laws. In response to the developing situation, we're acting quickly to continue to comply with the regulations of the international community.